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Individual Therapy

This is a time that is just for you. You are the focus.  You set the agenda. I am here to provide safety, empathy and unconditional acceptance. Strict rules around confidentiality and

ethical conduct create clear professional boundaries that allow us to form a uniquely

personal relationship. In this unique environment, many clients experience a freedom they have never felt anywhere else in their lives. You can question, explore and express whatever it is you choose. When working with a therapist you trust, and with whom you feel a strong connection, the possibilities for growth, healing and self-actualization are limitless.


I am a strengths-based therapist. This means my approach, no matter what we are processing - from past trauma to ongoing anxiety - is to help you identify and enhance strengths you already possess. Through our work together, you will gain confidence in your own strengths and in your ability to call on these powerful assets in any situation. My ultimate goal is for your understanding and mastery of your strengths to become an emotional armor that gives you the resilience to tolerate and regulate feelings, situations and emotions you once experienced as overwhelming.         

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