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About Me

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a minor in Mandarin Chinese, I lived in Taipei, Taiwan where I worked as a marketing executive for a global electronics company. I returned to the US to attend and graduate from UCSF - Hastings College of the Law. After passing the California Bar Exam, I spent 10+ years working at two of the major movie studios in town. Along the way, I wrote a screenplay (only in LA, right?) that launched a moderately successful career as a screenwriter. I then transitioned to work as a creative at a large entertainment advertising agency.

Life was good. Work was fun. But something was missing. At this point, I entered my own personal therapy. In time, life got better in ways I had never dreamed possible. Through a relationship of trust and connection with a therapist, my relationship with myself and others improved. I felt more secure, more joyful and more free than I had at any other time in my adult life. I knew that I wanted to help others feel all of these things too. I decided to become a therapist. I received my masters in clinical psychology from Antioch University and began my private practice. Becoming a therapist has been the best decision of my life. I love what I do and I am passionate about my relationship with each and every client.

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